How to spot headlight problems?


When a headlight is failing, the simplest, practical and easiest solution is to change the bulbs, the occasional fuse and nothing else, with a way to solve the problem that may not be adequate, since the fault is more beyond changing one or two pieces.

Electrical faults in the headlights can be easily detected , avoiding changing the bulbs every so often (especially if the failure causes them to burn often), and here we will develop a series of tips to take into account. Car LED Lights can be used in headlights but they are very dangerous for other drivers on the opposite sides as they are blinded by it

A lighthouse has stopped working

If in our car some headlights stop working , regardless of the state of the bulb, we must first perform a check on the fuses , changing them for others of equal conditions (never exchange them with others, or replace them with ones of smaller dimensions)

If the fuses do not show signs of corrosion, breakage or wear , then we must check that the connection to the fuse holder is adequate and not loose.

If the fuse does not connect firmly, it may cause a short circuit that damages not only the headlights but other electrical components .

This, obviously, is applicable when only one or more headlights cease to function, while the rest has normal use, and is generally not applicable when none of them works .

No headlight works

At this point, we have to talk about the moment when  no headlight works , and we do not have lighting in our car, something dangerous for our safety , as well as for other cars.

The first verification that we must perform, then, is to take a look at the fuse box , replacing those that are burned, and be alert to a new and sudden burn .

If the replaced fuse blows in a short time, it is feasible that there is some short circuit in the system , for which we must carefully analyze the condition of the cables, the connection to the headlights and the circuit breaker .

A type of lighting fail

Now we will analyze what happens when one type of light works and the other does not, and we will provide a very practical solution that gives very good results.

In some cars it happens frequently that a light works, and that another simply does not work (for example, in long light and low light) so the problem is usually linked to light bulbs .

Obviously, the first thing we should do is check the fuses , as we have explained above, otherwise we should take a look at the bulbs .

Check the status of the connections

Finally, we offer advice that is necessary to pay close attention, and that can help us to have a more elaborate diagnosis . For these procedures, obviously, we must have the necessary protection and operate with extreme caution  so if you do not have the necessary knowledge, it is better that you leave your car in the hands of a professional so that it is he who checks it.

When the fuses are in good condition, and still the headlights are still not working, there is a procedure that at first can be difficult to carry out, but with the habit it will be quite easy.

First, we must connect a cable from the headlight ground connection to a part of the chassis that allows us a good grounding (we should not connect it in painted parts or that are easily visible, to avoid unnecessary aesthetic damage ). Check out if

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